How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman and Make Her Want You More

February 18, 2009

Should you be concerned with how to perform oral sex on a woman? The answer is yes. The reason is that women can only orgasm 35% of the time, but with oral sex (also known as cunninglus), women can get to orgasm 60% of the time. More importantly, when performed correctly, cunninglus can improve a woman’s orgasm rate much higher. When you want to satisfy your woman, you need to master the art of oral sex – how to perform oral sex on a woman so you can drive her crazy and keep her coming back for more.

Most men think they know how to perform oral sex on a woman, but they are missing the boat.

Before you learn and practice some really exciting oral sex techniques, you need to know how to avoid the major mistakes that will turn her off. The reason is that if she gets turned off, you won’t be able to get her motor running again. During cunninglus, there are three big mistakes most men make. If you want to do it right and make her want more and more, read this through and through. Knowing her body is critical – and the most delicate part of her body you need to know the most for cunninglus to work is her clitoris.

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman – Step One

In order to know her needs (her physical needs, for this discussion), you need to know about her most sensitive area. Your woman’s clitoris has more sensitiveness packed into a pea-sized area than you have in your entire genital area. You might need harder and more repetitive movements than she does – to get the same feeling, she might need only very tiny movements with little pressure. This is because of the extreme sensitivity of her clitoris and why you and she have such disparate needs while getting oral sex. When going down on their women, many men do what they would like done to them – hard quick movements with lots of “friction” – but this is the opposite of what their women need. So what you get is some common mistakes men make when finding out how to perform oral sex on a woman – and you should be sure to avoid:

How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman Step Two – Avoid the Mistakes

Mistake Number 1: Too Much. For a man, heavy repetitive strokes might be nice; so he might think doing the same for his woman will give her pleasure. To see how this kind of licking feels for her, repeatedly rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Notice that the roof of your mouth becomes raw and numb. Her clitoris is about 800 times more sensitive than the roof of your mouth – so obviously, licking her like this will make her run away.

Mistake Number 2: Not Listening. The number two mistake men make is not paying attention to her body language when they are performing oral sex. While giving her oral sex, she might push your head lightly with her thigh – or she might move her pelvis up, down or sideways. Her actions may be misunderstood by you as “please press harder” or “go crazy”. Actually, she is directing you to where it feels best for her. “Listen” closely because she won’t be moving much – just slightly because the affected area is so small. Seemingly microscopic moves can mad a really big difference. So – you stay almost still and let her position herself where she wants. Understand this: she will tell you if she wants it harder, faster or deeper – your job is to listen and please her.

Mistake Number 3: Scruffy Face. As obvious as it may seem, many men still make this mistake. Make sure you shave close and clean before you give her oral sex. You wouldn’t like sand paper rubbed on your parts – and you woman won’t like it either. If you sport a beard or a goatee and you need to trim it, do so a day or two before you might give your woman oral sex. A goatee that was just trimmed is just like a load of daggers on a lady’s most sensitive area. You can also use cream rinse on your beard or goatee to make it extra soft for her. She’ll really enjoy it and appreciate it!

Avoiding these mistakes when giving cunninglus to a woman will increase her pleasure immensely; her orgasm rate will soar; and she will beg for more and more. When you learn the right cunninglus techniques, you will become a magnate for your lady’s desire and sex drive. Knowing this and putting it into practice with some additional techniques will really make your sex life soar. Now you are ready for the next step in how to perform oral sex on a woman: making her completely comfortable with oral sex.

Next Step for Oral Sex on Her

Don’t wait… Take the next step and find out how perform oral sex on a woman and get her to relax and enjoy!